Polette Pénélope Review

POLETTE Pénélope Review

With spring around the corner, I was very excited when Polette Eyewear approached me to ask if I was interested to order and try one of their designs. Yay! Let me explain Polette’s concept first. Polette sells high quality prescriptive and non-prescriptive glasses are at a very affordable price point. The innovatory thing here is that they work without any in-between parties like importers or actual stores, which means they can offer their glasses a lot cheaper than other brands. Even cooler is that you can combine any strength, color and tint with any frame. You can basically design a pair for every look in your closet.

While browsing the website, I kept in mind that I wanted to pick out a trendy and elegant, yet timeless design frame — that was harder than it sounds, because there are SO many possibilities to choose from.  After virtually fitting it (by placing the frame on an uploaded photo), I decided to go with the sexy Pénélope frame with fashion lenses and a beautiful case to protect my glasses when I’m taking them on a trip. I love that it’s incredibly fashionable with it’s hand polished acetate and bold black shapes. For those who prefer fitting in a physical store, don’t worry! Polette has a store in Amsterdam (and also in Utrecht and Lille) with over 900 different designs!

It took my pair about a week to arrive, which is pretty average since they state 8 days + 2 days to make the glasses. However, I read in several reviews that those who personalized their glasses — mine were ‘pre-designed’ — it took 2-3 weeks to receive their Polette’s. Better keep in mind that it might take a bit longer for your glasses to arrive on your doorstep ;).

When I first tried my Pénélope’s on, I was impressed by the comfortable fit. The frame feels strong, is of great quality and is very lightweight. Also, the glasses are dark enough so I don’t have to squeeze my eyes shut while looking in harsh light.

Would I order from Polette again? Probably! Overall, I had a great experience with the website, service, shipping and of course my Pénélope’s! As I’ve said before, their range is huge! And with their competitive prices, you have the freedom to pick one or two — or three.

 What do you think of these Polette sunnies and did you already know Polette Eyewear?

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