The Fragrance for Every Summer Occasion


It’s time to put away the woody, spicy, heavy cold weather stand-bys and bust out fresh, sparkling options that smell like your favorite cocktail or sunny getaway. Here is the new scent to put you in the spirit of the season! Star of Otentic, mother of all perfumes – ‘Anno 1785’ is the inspiration for Otentic’s eight fragrances, and contains ancient and forgotten though precious ingredients. In total, there are more than 65 different kinds of perfumes that are all derived from the same scent.


available in small atomizer 16€ / 50 ml from 69€ / 100 ml from 94€

 Otentic crafts fine fragrances that reflect who you are, not just whom you want to be, allowing consumers to select the perfume that best captures and communicates their personality. Otentic perfumes are divided into eight distinct scent families or  ‘moods’. There is Fyori – Lemonia – Elegantia – Sedux – Sensuali – Arborath – Grasslands and Aguamondo. Each constructed around a different fragrance profile. All perfumes are suited for women as well as for men.

The Otentic perfume stylist – highly skilled as perfume expert — guides you through the perfume collection in the Otentic store in Amsterdam, Keizersgracht 233. When you prefer to browse on your own, you can use the interactive technology in the store in . It’s super easy to use and comes in very handy when you want some more information about a scent.