HOTEL DROOG – Place to visit when in Amsterdam!

A couple of weeks ago, I went to Hôtel Droog to shoot the looks for my previous blog post. Hôtel Droog is situated in five historic buildings and it’s more a labyrinth than just a simply beautiful building. Each of the spaces has their own unique character, but all reflect the design sensibility that Droog brings. Besides the fact that Droog looks incredibly photogenic in photo’s, it’s also an inspiring and relaxing place to be.

Droog always follows their four principles; beauty, simplicity, relevance and playfulness. Droog creates cutting edge products, projects and events in collaboration with designers. Entering the Droog Shop on the ground floor is like stepping into your own version of Alice in Wonderland, complete with quirky and futuristic products and home-wares. Each product has been designed to enhance daily life and has its own story to tell.

We wandered through ‘The Courtyard’ room where we experienced the feeling of being outside. Birds were flying over, making it seem as if the light behind the canal houses window frames continues. We then moved along to the Library. The “books” in the library at Hôtel Droog are classic novels that were never written. The blank paged books can be used to document inspiration, creating their own personal library.The floral wallpaper based on a painting in the Rijksmuseum adds a cozy atmosphere to the room. The bright yellow chairs add a surprising and fresh element to the room.

Droog is not only an inspiration for the eye but also to your taste buds. We had breakfast at Café Droog. It’s an elegant and airy shop & café that overlooks the canal. Almost all of the designs you see in the café (from lamps to chairs to cutlery) can be purchased. On the menu, there are homemade recipes based on one philosophy – fresh and delicious. I tried the full (literally) breakfast to get the best impression of what Café Droog has to offer. The food was indeed fresh and delicious.

When you can’t get enough of Droog during the day, you can spend the night in the ‘One and only bedroom’ Droog offers. There’s nothing quite like the penthouse apartment with it’s white and bright dècor. It’s furnished with an electric mix of designer furnishings and beautiful objects.