GREEN IS EVERYWHERE. In fact, it’s no longer just a color. Green is symbolic of new beginnings. The reason why I love green, is that it’s a positive and relaxing color that pleases the eye. No wonder Pantone has chosen an energetic shade of green as the new color of the year 2017. ‘Greenery’ prominently comments on the concept of ‘Environment’. The zesty yellow-green shade evokes the first days of spring when nature’s green revive, restore en renew.

Green will be sure to introduce a harmonious, luxurious and fresh vibe that works well in both modern and traditional spaces. A great way to add green hues to your home is by adding different kinds of indoor plants to your interior. I love plants! For me buying plants is like buying furniture. Over the past few months I decided that I need to incorporate some live greenery into my home. Adding indoor plants could also transform your environment into a more positive space. I’m kinda obsessed with this idea lately.