Mixing and combining contrasting styles is always a challenge. You’re looking for something fresh and unexpected in a way that makes you look fashion forward yet effortless. Choose one style to dominate and one as an accent. Or keep your garments in the same color family. There are plenty more mind-blowing ways to mix styles. The key is finding balance without overdoing it.

I like to mix and match to be more experimental with my looks. I always challenge myself to make creative outfit combinations by restyling my wardrobe, layering and mixing pieces. My style is quite diverse, but I often seek for that sophisticated, playful look. A sweater and shirt mix is a very easy layering combination. It can be worn with almost anything! I like to create a preppy rebel look by adding leather pants. A little rebellion now and then is a good thing, don’t you think?

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Look – Sweater: Pepe Jeans, Shirt: Filippa K, Pants: Liu Jo, Shoes & Bag: Tosca Blu, Shades: Salvatore Ferragamo