Elif Kadioglu is Amsterdam based online influential. From an early age Elif knew she wanted to work with imagery. She realized her passion for fashion back in high school and decided to enroll at Amsterdam Fashion Institute – bachelor degree in Fashion & Brandig. To broaden her horizon she did a PR/Sales internship in NYC & Miami, worked as Freelance Fashion Stylist & Fashion Assistant, did instore merchandising and PR communications.

Elif has open and creative mind, loves people and creative atmosphere all around her. She can see inspiration in everything. In 2016 Elif decided to start her blog: ElifKadioglu.com, a place where she can share her ideas and fashion, beauty, lifestyle related stories.

Want to ask me a question? Share a little tip? Or just drop me a fun note?
Do not hesitate to contact me at hello@elifkadioglu.com!